Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm back! Missed me? You had better! ;)

Long time no post, I know. Things were rough this semester, to say the very least, but I just finished some major paper work. Now that those are behind me, I'm ready to jump back into the project saddle with a focused mind - and I'm loving it! Part of my 'fresh mind and spirit' approach to my project will involved a redesign of my blog's layout, but that is quite a ways away. In the mean time, I have these:

Remember some posts ago when I alluded that research is important? In order to reinforce that statement (not that it really needs it, but hey!), I'm adding 'research is ongoing'. Trust me, that phase never stops. For my project, I wish to include a handmade book/portfolio as part of my display. I figured I could either go the slow and quality-dubious way of trying it myself, or learn from an expert in the book making field.

Since you have the crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run, here's my first little step in book making:

Don't laugh now! I know it's not much to look at, but I have to learn the basics first -  an X book (1), from scrap paper (which I have plenty of after all that theory work!). Not to worry; it will all make sense in due course. ;) My first little book rests on top of an old project logo design (2), and a scrap paper from a previous draft of my thesis (Hi, V!) (3). I happened to be browsing Brittney Lee's blog when I snapped this photo (4), and that yellow piece of paper contains an ancient to-do list - most of the items on it have either been finished, forgotten or outright discarded (5).

That it so far, but stay tuned! I'll try my best not to be gone for so long again - unless I'm on an all-inclusive vacation. ;)