Monday, January 30, 2012

FYP - Furniture Design Sketches and Final Illustrations

Greetings, peeps! As promised in last week's post (FYP - Character Bookmarks (Rough Edition), and the Final Year Quest), I'd be showing sketches and final illustrations for my furniture designs this week. Since the chairs are the more technical part of the table/chair set (the table being circular, after all), I decided to focus on them this week. If you want a recap on what I had done before, and where I first drew my inspiration, please check the FYP - Children's Furniture: Chair Designs post.

So, without further adieu, I present character chair designs!

Monday, January 23, 2012

FYP - Character Bookmarks (Rough Edition), and the Final Year Quest

Heya! Hope you all had a great and productive/restful weekend! I hope so, because it's time to get down to business - at least for me. =) Over the last week/weekend, I've been tweaking my character buttons (FYP - Buttons Test-Run and Feedback Poll); I'm happy to say that the animal characters at least are ready to be printed, but I've decided to rework Charlene's button illustration. After some time had past, I realized that her expression and overall pose didn't say anything about her personality, nor did it entice the viewer - which is one massive oversight on my part (FYP - Button W.I.Ps!).

Anyway, enough about the buttons! Time to move on to the bookmarks!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FYP - Buttons Test-Run, and Feedback Poll

Hi, people! I know I haven't been here in too long, but I've been busy with a number of behind-the-scenes work. Part of that has to deal with illustration and making my buttons for my merchandise. The last time I mentioned those buttons, I did so in my FYP - Button W.I.Ps! post. Since then, they've been coloured and I've also done a printing test run at Labels and Supplies Ltd, a local company.
Eraser present to show scale.
The buttons are approximately 1.25" in dimension, which was decided upon based on the results of my Pin-Back Button Poll on my Langi Lala Studios Facebook Page. The poll is still open, so please feel free to participate in it. The more feedback I receive, the better. I also have other news to share, but I will leave those for this Friday's post! Yes, pees, I am striving foir a once-weekly post from now on - and what better way to kick off the weekend? See you later!  

EDIT: Just to clarify, Labels and Supplies didn't have 1.5" button options available, but I will contact them for the nearest available size ASAP.