Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Have some Furniture Sets!

Hello! Happy New Year to you all! Yes, I know - long time no post, but I'm fixing that as of right now! Let's kick off the first LangiSketches post of the New Year with one of last year's major Langi Lala Studio highlights, shall we?

Following the success of my Final Year Show exhibition, I picked up two orders for my character furniture set. They were finished just in time to be collected by a very client, and whisked off to become some lucky child's Christmas present. Many thanks to my partner-in-crime Djet Layne for helping me to paint the details on the chairs.

In the interest of time, and an uncooperative sun, I photographed only one set for the blog. Not to worry; the other set looks pretty much the same anyway.

The gangs all here! Just look at them all seated around the table on the grass! This is probably the last time they'd ever touch grass and earth again, so I hope they enjoyed it.

I'm sure you all remember quiet yet focused Ramesh....

 And the hyper-active dancer Lizzy Rexxy....

 And the ever stylish and sophisticated Countess Whiskeria...

 And, last but not least at all, the ever loyal and dependable Growlford!

In addition to having my signature and the month/year of completion underneath each chair, both the tables and all right chairs also bear my maker's mark plate. You're looking at my logo in gold lettering, done on black brass.

Pretty professional-looking, huh? These were made for me by the lovely folks at Hyltons Limited. Well, that's it for the kick-off post for a new year full of blogging! What do you think?

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