Friday, March 29, 2013

Feature Friday - Sherisse 'Sher' Hugh

March's Feature Friday is another Jamaican artist and fellow Edna Manley College graduate: Sherisse Hugh. 

Hi there, my name is Sherisse Hugh but to many, I am Sher. I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. I am a trained Graphic Designer but by heart, I am an Abstract Artist. I express myself through the use of pen and ink method. My work displays a lot of fluidity along with playful lines and other detailing. My inspiration comes from several different sources. It really comes from anything possible but my intuition does most of the guiding. When I was younger, I would always dabble in art but never took it seriously until I grew older and realized how much passion I have for it. From that moment, I kept at my art and now I cannot seem to go a day without my art. I look back on how much I have evolved both as an individual and in my art and I am pleased at the path I am paving for myself.        

Along my journey, I have been fortunate to come across wonderful opportunities. These include displaying my work at the Valencia Suite of the Spanish Court Hotel. Also, being able to have one of my art pieces being displayed on Shoo Rayner’s website. He is a very talented and a very experienced Children’s Book Author/Illustrator. I have also been able to work along side with other talented and creative individuals. I am most grateful for my blessings and I continue to strive along journey.

Girl with a Snake

The Angry Rooster

When I am not so busily consumed in my work, I like to surround myself with my good friends. Whether it’s watching a movie or having a get together as long as I am around good friends I am guaranteed to have a good time. I also like to travel and do a bit of sight seeing and enjoy being at the beach and taking luxurious sunbaths. Another interest I have is taking photos and making every moment a memory. I believe it’s always important to stay in a positive frame of mind and surround myself with positive energy. My life does get busy but I am not complaining. I love what I do and I do what I love.        

On the Go
Currently I am working on several projects. These are both personal projects and business projects. I also have a blog where I post my work and anything else that I take interest in. To view more of my work, you can check out my website at For business queries, you may contact me at or for a random glance into my life, feel free to follow me on twitter @sherhugh.