Monday, September 6, 2010

FYP - It's Back to Lab Again!

One thing that life throws at you, maybe to test you or to shake you up...perhaps even to be a right bastard, are set-backs. They vary in size, but set-backs are usually occurrences that make you stop, reassess and then progress with a more learned view point about getting from Point A to Point B.

I had such a bitch-slap wake-up call set back just this morning, in my first consultation for my senior project. ^^;

As it turned out, my target group for my project and the project itself weren't compatible. And since this is something I desire to publish at some point, missing the target market completely is as wrong as wrong can get. In short, I have quite a great deal of research ahead of me in order to get this thing done right.

Wish me luck, people! (Post illustrations to follow. School's scanner's too danged far.)


  1. Okay Girly, I'm wishing you more than just luck!! I hope to hear such wonderful news about your senior project. I will be email you back in just a little bit. Kinda busy right now, but I will get you all that information that you asked for! I wish you all the very best. Keep honing your craft and enjoy the process cause it is a process he he he he! Have good week.

  2. Thank you for the words of encouragement, V! They mean a lot, especially after getting the air let out of my tires a bit. ^^; But it's all a part of learning.

  3. Hey Beautiful girl, just wanted to say thanks for the well wishes. I know that it's far away for mostly everyone. I am just itching to meet some of you talented people. Thanks again for your encouraging words. YOU made my day!!!


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