Thursday, September 30, 2010

FYP - My Life is like a Rollercoaster

September 19 - September 25
Hit a pothole, in that I lost my sculptor for my character maquettes. Le boo. After spending Sunday night in a frantic state, and Monday in a livid state, I had a talk with one of my best friends and the Go-To guy in my inner circle. Rather that sculpt clay maquettes, he suggested I go a different route with materials I could handle - like paper. I felt a lot better after speaking with him, and 100% back to normal after I did some research on the net that very night. I found a blog entry featuring the work of a number of super talented paper artists: Masters of Paper Art and Paper Sculptures

These are three artists whose work really caught my eye, and whose technique I think my novice self can emulate without effing it up:

I doubt I'll go as elaborate as she has with her work, but paper cutting is something I've done before and have enjoyed (yes, I am a freak).

Her work reminds me of the paper sculptures I used to do for fun as a child - only, back then, I didn't think of them as sculpture at all. I guess I do have a 3-D art streak in me.

Yes, I know: I am a complete and utter nut-ball for even thinking of attempting to do something like this! I may be a nut-ball, but I don't care. Just look at how flipping cool this artist's work is!

It's going to be interesting to see what I can come up with for my show, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the process of getting there.

On Thursday of this week, I got the chance to speak to some children at a nearby prep school and hear straight from the source what they like in a story book. Ideally, I wanted to speak with Grade 5-6 students since they fall in my target range but those grades were out on a trip. However, I got the chance to speak to some 3rd graders, lemme tell you - those children are flipping SMART! There was a little one in the class, literally the smallest student in the room, and she gave me more feedback than I could have ever dreamed. Child just turned 7, and she's in 3rd grade. :D So although they're a little out of my target, I believe I have some potential readers and fans in that class (yay me!). I'll be returning next week to speak with the older students, but these little ones were such a great help that I have to stop by their classroom again - even if it's just to say 'hi'.

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