Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FYP Character Sketches - Ramesh Goatee & Growlford Barkley.

Hey, peeps!

In between commissions, I've been slowly but surely re-tweaking (sometimes outright redesigning) Charlene's roster of animal friends. Rather than wait until I had more finished pieces to display - whenever that would be -, I decided to break the long drought on LangiSketches and upload this little rough-paper bit:

The little goat is Ramesh 'Ram' Goatee, an enthusiastic little kid and aspiring chef - and with eyes as big as his stomach. The dog in the sketch is Growlford, 'G' for short. That is far from his final design, so I'd expect some minor to major revisions to be in place before the finals are uploaded.


  1. Cool character sketches. Love the expressive eyes. Really love your work.

  2. Thanks, Jane! I really need to get better with updating this blog, though. Then again, another project has my attention at the moment (don't you just hate when that happens?). Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love how you render your eyes...they're so expressive.


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